Discover our 5 zonesat Little Explorers,

Space Zone

Children will get familiar with the study of the space via interacting with the Space exhibits at this Zone.
Who can resist the appeal of space? In our space area, kids can blast off on their own adventure as they learn more about the solar system, the stars and planets, space stations and how rockets work! This stellar area is the perfect way for them to start understanding the wider universe, perhaps even sparking a life-long love of science and the cosmos.

Colouring Zone

Unleash your little one's creativity with our educational colouring activity wall. Children can colour freely on any art wall design, encouraging them to unlock their creative side.

Play Zone

The Exhibits at this area will help kids develop important body reaction skills as they interact with the different exhibits. Children learn fastest when they learn through play! Our fantastic play area helps them develop their sense of balance, speeds up reaction times, builds hand-eye co-ordination and improves their ability to focus, all in a safe and fun environment. Being able to play with other children of the same age also helps them grow in confidence and builds up their social skills, allowing them to make friends at the same time as having fun!

Obstacle Zone

A fun and interactive learning exhibit that develops decision-making for your little ones by finding exit ways to get out of the maze. Children will be crawling, moving forward and backward, following signs and instructions on their way.

Water Zone

Children will learn the importance of water to plants and fish via interacting with exhibits of the Water Zone. All kids love to splash around and play with water, and that’s just what they can expect in our incredible water area! Here they will gain a better understanding of the importance of water to people, plants, animals and fish, as they dip a toe into the understanding of nature. They’ll also find out more about how water behaves and how it shapes the landscapes around us, all through play and having fun.

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CLAY PLAY…SHAPE & CREATE! (May 01 - May 31)

Children will enjoy Pottery as they create objects from clay by shaping them, be it a Pot or Donuts.  Allowing their minds to try new things and discover new skills to learn.



CERA-MIX…COLOR & CRAFT! (May 01 - May 31)

CERA-MIX! Children will learn different strokes in painting and colour combinations as they paint their very own ceramic crafts.  A joyful way of painting ceramic artwork.


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