• Discover our 5 zones at Little Explorers,

  • Water Zone

    Children will learn the importance of water to plants and fish via interacting with exhibits of the Water Zone.

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  • Obstacle Zone

    A fun and interactive learning exhibit that develops decision-making for your little ones by finding exit ways to get out of the maze. Children will be crawling, movin...

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  • Play Zone

    The Exhibits at this area will help kids develop important body reaction skills as they interact with the different exhibits.

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  • Colouring Zone

    Unleash your little one's creativity with our educational colouring activity wall. Children can colour freely on any art wall design, encouraging them to unlock their ...

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  • Space Zone

    Children will get familiar with the study of space via interacting with the Space exhibits at this Zone.

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Let's Plant

Plant seeds of curiosity and joy; a garden adventure awaits!

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Arts & Craft

Get Creative

Help your kids grow with appreciation of nature.

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Let's Cook

Cooking is a great way of developing little ones' skills

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Enhance Creativity

Kids love mold clay into shapes learning skills

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Sound of Music

Allow your kids to explore musical instrumetns.

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School tripsat Little Explorers

Al Mawakeb School
- Hanan Ghossaini

Little Explorers is a very engaging and interesting destination for our young learners. Our students always enjoy their trip to Little Explorers and make use of every single minute in the venue.

Little Explorers - The place to be for kids.

Posted by: Osman Ahmed 11 Oct, 2017

Little Explorers is a mix of educational and entertaining activities and workshops for children from two to seven years of age. It maintains a focus on learning and acquiring skills in a fun and safe environment. With games and activities spanning over 97 different exhibits that get the brain ticking and stimulate the senses, children can discover hidden talents and new skills through play.

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